Day 9

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 Permalink

I am really struggling now which worries me as it is only my second week into Weight Watchers and only the beginning of the second week!

I keep comparing my points in Week 1 to this week’s and wonder how I was (then) so motivated to keep my points restricted if I overindulged in alcohol, or had high-calorie dinners.

I wonder if it was because my weight loss in Week 1 was so good… ie. I have taken my eye off the ball; or whether the shiny new ball has lost its gleam! But, either way, I am not as focussed or obsessed.

But all I can do is stick to my points as far as possible. I guess. I haven’t exercised and am using my sore shins as an excuse. I can walk today without much soreness, so hoping tomorrow they are improved and no-matter-what, will get on my jogging trampoline tomorrow. I promise…..

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