Day 8

Monday, May 31, 2010 Permalink

Am wondering at what point I stop counting by days and move to weeks, or perhaps I should start heading the posts up by themes? Given that I have 30+ kilos to lose (40+ according to my Weight Watchers goal) if I continue to head each post by ‘Day’ I could reach 5 or 6 figures by the end of it. Though, having said that… maybe I should keep counting the days… just for fun to see how high I get!

I am finding it a teensy bit hard to refocus after such a great loss yesterday. As always, my day has been fine. I had some mince out as I was going to splurge on nachos last night, but decided to splurge on Chinese food instead. I am not a big mince eater, though don’t dislike it. I just prefer to eat nice fillet steak or chicken breasts etc. As a single person with only myself to cater for I can be fussy and extravagant with my food choices and don’t need to buy budget options like chops or sausages. In that way I am fortunate!

Back to the mince… I recalled a recipe my mother cooked recently which I enjoyed, so called her for the details (which were skant at best!). It wasn’t until after I put the dish together (layer of raw white rice, layer of corn / peas, chopped capsicum, carrot, onion etc, layer of uncooked mince, layer of tinned tomatoes / tomato soup and some rashers of bacon on top – all in a casserole dish and in the oven for an hour or so) that I counted up the WW points.

I had no idea! Bloody mince has 3 points per 100g of very lean mince. Then the rice… 5 points for a quarter of a cup of raw rice. My dish suddenly totals 32 points and I really don’t think it will last me more than 4 or 5 meals. I am horrified. So, lesson learned – work out points first! I probably just would have made spaghetti bolognese had I realised what this concoction would cost me. Argh!

Oh well…. less wine for me tonight!

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