Day 66

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I cannot tell you what an anticlimax the pizza was!  I can’t even blame the (very thin but surprisingly tasty for something gluten-free) base.  It was the toppings that were unfulfilling.  The cheese too strong, the low fat salami and bacon just too salty.  All in all, a dismal effort.  As I lay in bed (for hours!!!) later trying to sleep I pondered on a topping that would have been nicer.   couldn’t really come up with something.

Perhaps it is just because I am not a big pizza fiend.  I don’t mind pizza but it isn’t something I crave.  Hot chips – yes; chinese / thai food – yes; chocolate – yes; but pizza… not so much!

Lesson learned.  I suspect my antipathy and inability to make a dinner decision last night was also a hint that I was going to be hard to please.  Tonight I am back with an oldie but a (winter) goodie.  Delicious fillet steak and mashed potato.  Yee-ha!  (Complemented by my favourite red wine – Wirra Wirra Church Block… on sale at the bottle shop for $17!)

I am not yet counting points again and overdid breakfast (after only a 20min walk!).  I had a weird combination of leftovers (baked beans – which needed to be eaten, with rice and the last of the low fat salami).  Not too bad but it would have been high in points if I was counting.

I skipped lunch (as I do so often on my holiday… I eat breakfast mid-late morning and have an afternoon snack instead, allowing me to have higher-point breakfasts) but had mid afternoon home-made popcorn, including butter and flavouring.  I was out earlier and tempted to buy some corn chips, but resisted.  I suspect the popcorn with the butter is just as damaging… but still…. corn chips are more of a danger food for me!

So, still no point-counting.  I am not sure when I will start.  I had that panicked feeling today… ‘what if I have put on kilos and kilos?’  I have been known to gain 8+ kgs in 4 weeks.  I don’t think I have been that ‘evil’ but you never know…..

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