Day 57

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Argh!  Am off-track.  After my last (slightly smug update) I had my usual post-weigh-in treat (corn chips etc).  I also had some chocolate, wine etc and was all prepared to get back on track on Sunday. 

And the day started well.  I had a bigger-than-usual breakfast but on a weekend it usually constitutes brunch, so I wasn’t too worried…. but then I had popcorn.  Then some wine.  Then dinner which included about 5 points of potato!  No ‘food-I-shouldn’t-have-eaten’ but just too much of everything.  As a result I ate 30.5 points.  Not good.  But, I realised today was another day and I could redeem myself….

As it is day 1 of my holiday I took my neighbour up on her suggestion of a morning walk (yay for me!).  Then I ran into a friend who popped around for a chat.  Suddenly it was 1pm and I hadn’t actually eaten breakfast.  Not tragic in any way obviously…. but I did have things on my ‘to-do’ list which I hadn’t, well… done.  I am not sure why I felt guilty about not starting the ‘to-do’ list on day 1, given that I actually have 6 weeks off!

Anyway, one of things on my list was grocery shopping.  As you may recall, I haven’t gone much shopping lately.  Instead I have called in at a corner store or shopped on the way home from work for a few urgent needs.  I haven’t done a proper ‘shop’ in a while.  I was emailing my parents beforehand and wondering how I would cope – given that I was in a slightly celebratory mood (being on holidays and all that!) – and worrying I might buy something I shouldn’t.  And guess what?!  I did.  I bloody bought a $9 box of mini toblerones.  I don’t even like them that much.  But there they were.  On sale.  Reduced from $12 something to $9.  330g of chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate mini toblerones.  Half of which are now happily ensconsed in my too-full and bulging stomach.  I am not even going to try and count how many points they were.

I have put 1/4 of the packet in the freezer in the hope that – like a normal person – I decide I could eat one or two on occasions as a treat.  (Rather than binge-eat 300g of chocolate in typical me-style!)

So…. For dinner, I am baking a skinless chicken breast with some veges.  Drinking diet champagne.  BUT my day is already ruined.  Wrecked beyond belief.  I know that I should get back up on that horse now that I have toppled off and I will.  I know I will.  At least I bloody hope I do…. but though I am writing as if I am wallowing in guilt, I have to admit that I am not.  Actually.  I am thinking that it is the first day of my holidays I have just meandered off on a slight tangent – assuming I will rejoin the path. 

But only time will tell.

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