Day 57 plus something

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I suspect a week or more has passed since I last posted.  I could work it out I guess, but I am wearing socks so can only count my fingers… And, frankly I am sitting out on a verandah on an esplanade overlooking a beach.  And drinking champagne.

I came here 3 days ago.  I ate crap the first day.  I was (mostly) good (with the exception of too much alcohol) the second day, and today I have eaten  (a 200g bag of) corn chips.

I passed through my hometown (where I will return in just over a week to care for my mother after an operation) on the way here and I got on my parents’ scales… as I have every intention of (sometime soon) getting back on track and monitoring my weight and what I eat. 

Though I am failing parlously on the dieting-front, I have been doing some exercise and been on long walks (well, 40-45 mins) each morning for the last two days.  I want to continue this and return to someone who (despite everything else) is ‘relatively’ (and it IS all relative, isn’t it?) fit. 

When I called into the local supermarket for my corn chips this afternoon I told myself that I would only buy one packet.  I bought two.  The same thing happened two days ago on my arrival here.  Even before I went shopping today I tried to remind myself that I actually had a good day yesterday and so I shouldn’t negate that effort by having a blow-out today.  I wasn’t supposed to buy ANY corn chips and make do with popcorn instead.

I have been able to prevent myself from buying chocolate.  When shopping after my arrival I had a bag of chocolates in my basket as I walked towards the supermarket checkout…. but sanity prevailed and I put them back.  So… small wins.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day I pull out my Weight Watchers books and start tracking.  I hope so….

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