Day 54

Friday, July 16, 2010 Permalink

The dreaded weigh-in tomorrow.  Although… I did jump on my scales tonight and I seem to have finally broken the 123kg barrier.  But – I won’t get too excited because you never know what could happen before tomorrow.  In my experience kilos have a bad habit of appearing when you least expect it!!!

I was supposed to have an alcohol-free today but had 2 champagnes at work with a colleague given my impending holiday (which I started at 5.30pm this afternoon).  The team I have been working with scheduled a little farewell and so who was I to turn down a drink?  Of course I actually bought the champagne, so perhaps I did have a bit of a hand in the waywardness!

Other than 4 points allocated to alcohol it has been a very low points day so far.  I didn’t have any snacks, had yoghurt for breakfast and soup for lunch in case I wanted to ‘snack’ at the farewell… but someone had cake which wasn’t gluten free, so I skipped the food and went straight for the booze.  Which has taken me to a 10 point total so far.  I want to have a low-points evening without being TOO far under points.  I am planning a steak and egg toasted sandwhich.  Yummy.  I may need to have some dessert as well, but I am sure I can find something to suffice (that isn’t alcohol or popcorn which seems to appear on the scales magnified!!!).

Anyway, weigh-in tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

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  • Nicole
    July 17, 2010

    i like your blog 🙂 keep it up. i have a blog on diet visit mine sometime

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