Day 53

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So, 1.5 days until I weigh-in and the scales aren’t bloody moving!  123.5kgs today.    Sure, I have had alcohol twice this week, but both days I was under points.  And the Weight Watchers consultant bascially said if I stick to points (EVEN if I do have alcohol) I should lose weight.  Shit shit shit!

I had pilates today (low intensity, but I still earn 4 bonus points for my 50-60min workout – at my weight).  AND another low points day.  I varied my breakfast for a change… Most days I have 2 pieces of low GI gluten-free bread, with one (microwave-poached) egg and one (microwave-zapped) piece of low-fat bacon, which is about 5 points in total.  Well, according to my books, it IS 5 points.  To mix it up (and hey, I like to walk on the wild side) I have occasionally had a small tin of baked beans with an egg mixed up in it (or a piece of low-fat bacon), which is 4 – 4.5 points.  Today, however, I was out of baked beans – have been v.slack about shopping of late! – so I went to my corner store and bought some low-fat greek yoghurt.  This stuff is yummy.  So for breakfast today I had 150g of that.  Yum yum and it equated to about 3.5 points.

And – such decadence…. I actually went out at lunch so had a sandwich.  The gluten-free bread was VERY ordinary, but one can’t be fussy when one is dieting and coeliac!  I think it had some butter on and I am beyond being really anal about my ‘diet’, so I didn’t bother not asking for butter. 

I recall the last time I seriously did Weight Watchers (circa 2002-03) and going out for breakfast and grilling (har har!) the poor waitress about exactly what went into the omlette: how many egg yolks, egg whites, any butter, milk etc…  In retrospect and so many years later this behaviour seems a bit extreme.  I know it is worth choosing low-fat and healthy options and asking for ‘extras’ on the side, but I am not going to die-in-a-ditch any longer if something is 6 points rather than 4.  I can really only control what goes in a meal when I cook it. 

Anyway…. back to my tales of woe and lack of movement on the scales…. (it is all about me, after all!).  I am hoping that the kilos (or even hundreds of grams!) fall off late this week, bucking the trend of recent weeks.  After getting on the scales I felt like going and buying some wine and saying ‘to hell with it’.  But it is only 1.5 days to weigh in (or 2 sleeps) so I might as well remain ‘good’ until Saturday….

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