Day 52

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The whole no-wine-on-a-weeknight thing seems to have gone out of the window.  Oh well…. Two more sleeps and I am on holidays.  Which is a bit of a worry frankly.  Normally holidays mean that I can overindulge in EVERYTHING and I spend days in front of DVDs, eating crap and drinking more than I should.  Although… usually my holidays are short and sweet and I am stressed out to within an inch of my life when I begin them and only slightly more sane when they end.

This time I have 6 entire weeks off.  Yes indeedy.  Six weeks.  And, I have been in a temporary job for 3 weeks and a former / usual colleague today told me it looks as if I have already been on holidays.  The temporary gig (even though in a more senior position) is SO much less stressful than my usual job.

But – 6 entire weeks might be a challenge.  After a few days at home I am heading to a beachside location for about 10 days.  I am telling myself that the time spent there will be the perfect time to ease back into regular exercise.  Daily ‘strolls’ (so as not to f-ck my shins up) along the esplanade…. gradually increasing in time and intensity.  Well, that’s the plan. 

I also have to spend 2 – 3 weeks caring for my mother who is having surgery.  Not exactly what I envisaged when I organised time off, but my mother and father have been devoted parents, so I would not dream of saying refusing such a request. And…. I will continue my walks there.  Time with my folks is traditionally a danger point for me.  Boredom, childhood memories etc.  Not sure what it is but it usually results in me eating tins of caramel topping and other comfort foods, cos… well, just cos!

Anyway, this is all ahead of me.  I just jumped on the scales.  123.4.  I think yesterday I was 123.6, so going nowhere fast.  I was only 1 point ‘under’ my limit yesterday.  Am thinking of popcorn for dinner tonight cos, well (again) just cos…. I also have some wine.  Grrrrr…..

I wonder if popcorn somehow bloats me or something.  When I have indulged close to weigh-in times my weight has been up a bit (even if I am nowhere near my points limit).  Perhaps I am imagining it, but I do still have 3 nights until weigh in so best scoff popcorn tonight, rather than Thurs or Fri nights.  See, I can convince myself of absolutely anything!

Of course I could be speaking crap…. I did go for my 15 minute walk today, so yay for me!  Low points so far – only 8.5 today – but with wine and dinner (or popcorn) to come I will get up to my limit again.  But not over.  I have to stick to one of my must-do’s this week!

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