Day 51

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Permalink

So… I imbibed in some alcohol last night, but it was diet champagne and I didn’t drink the entire bottle.  I have even had some red wine tonight.  I decided I was obsessing too much about what I was being deprived of so decided to stop abstaining for the sake of it.  A cop-out?  Maybe.  

So, even with some red wine tonight, I will be (just) under points.

And – I finally went for a little walk at lunch today.  In reality, I went and did some chores at the shops at lunch.  ‘Shopping’ to a normal person, but for me, it was a bit of a novelty.  I seriously needed to do some exercise of some sort, though part of me is embarrassed that I count ‘shopping’  as exercise.  But there it is and I wouldn’t have had a lunch break or gone out if I hadn’t committed to going for a short walk.  Small steps….

So… despite the wine, I feel a tad less despondent than last night.  I got on the scales and am hovering around the same weight I have been for a few weeks (123.5 – 124.5kgs).  I just want to crack the next kg mark.  Someone told me once that when you hover for a while at a certain weight your body has some sort of memory which gets it stuck at that weight (imprints) in future.  During my mammoth weight gain a few months ago, I did hover around the 123 – 124 mark for a while.  I wonder if that’s it.  Or perhaps it is just that I am not being ‘good’ enough!

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