Day 5

Friday, May 28, 2010 Permalink

As my end-of-week 1 weigh-in looms I am becoming increasingly nervous about the result. After two nights of too much red wine and skirting dangerously close to my WW points limits, I have been much better today.

Organisational restructuring in my workplace has had me a bit stressed this week and I have coped in my usual way – over-indulging. Fortunately I haven’t turned to chocolate and chips etc… though too many glasses of red wine are just as bad. If not worse!

I haven’t done very well on the exercise front and even skipped my usual (never-missed) private pilates lesson. I know the WW consultant told me to focus on the food / diet side of the ‘scales’ for the first few weeks (rather than exercise), but I cannot help but feel I have been recalcitrant on the exercising front. Just laziness and lack of routine if I am honest, but at the end of the day (literally) I let myself off the hook, citing tiredness and a need to wind-down with wine, rather than destressing with exercise!

A low points day for me today – alcohol free and am tired (it is Friday) so just had scrambled eggs for dinner and am having an early night. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the first whole-day I have at home since starting WW last Sunday. Hopefully I will stave off the boredom and won’t turn to food to keep myself occupied. Or obsess about what I COULD be eating. Or feel hard-done-by because I cannot be eating what I really want to be eating!

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