Day 48

Saturday, July 10, 2010 Permalink

Weigh-in with Weight Watchers consultant today.  I only lost 0.3kgs (taking my total loss to 7.9kgs).  I have to admit to being disappointed – despite my self-talk about the fact that I knew I had been ‘good’ all week and it being time for my ‘visitors’ (I think that’s what my mother used to call them?!).

But, despite the disappointment there were no tears or tantrums.  I guess that’s cos deep down somewhere (inside the 120something kilograms in which I am still encased) I knew I had done what I was supposed to do.  In fact, the consultant I saw today suggested that the points I have been consuming (I have been trying to keep them as low as possible without going below 18 points) have been a bit too low (I am allowed 24) and could lead to me feeling deprived.  She also suggested I use a few more points in daytime snacks (which I knew I should be doing). 

I also said that I am struggling with guilt around my lack of exercise.  I just hate that I have become someone who doesn’t do ANYTHING and to whom a 15min walk is aspirational!

So, my goals for this week:

  1. No booze on school nights – AGAIN. 
  2. Keep to points or JUST under.
  3. Take a break at work and go on a short lunchtime stroll… cos if all else fails and I do NO other exercise, I am doing something.  And that is definitely better than nothing.

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