Day 47

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Weigh-in tomorrow.  Eek!  On one hand it is scary, but on the other I get to be ‘evil / naughty’ (see, all of the words one shouldn’t use) after.  My dieting mindset is truly very f-cked up!   Because I have been ‘good’ this week, even if I don’t lose (much?) weight tomorrow I will feel okay because I KNOW I should lose weight and I will blame bloating if I don’t.  Excuses, excuses…. I am not sure how I would cope if I had no excuse and didn’t see any result from a low-points week.

Another low-points day today – less than 8 points so far (good ole soup for lunch!).  I decided I could have some more popcorn tonight if I skip the carbs with my dinner.  I love love lurve carbohydrates.  I could easily live on potatoes and basically did live on potatoes or rice with sauce when I lived in Mozambique and Cambodia for 2 years. 

I cut out carbs at fat camp last year (and existed on 800 calories a day while exercising 3 -5hrs) and lost 14kgs in a month.  I have done no / low carb diets before but end up having HUGE blowouts where I eat nothing but carbs for days on end and I put on weight very quickly.

So, am not doing the no carbs thing.  Now, where was I…?  Oh, yes dinner…. I did decide that if I didn’t have potato / rice etc with my steak and veges that I could have popcorn afterwards, so that’s what I am doing.  All very logical.  Obviously.

But first, time to loll in the bath with a book while my dinner slowly cooks.  I realise eating after 8.30pm (or later) every day isn’t necessarily a good thing, but I do like / need my recovering-from-work time in the bathtub every night!

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