Day 46

Thursday, July 8, 2010 Permalink

I didn’t exactly escape my ‘I’m-having-wine-tonight-and-damn-the-consequences’ night unscathed.  I felt a little guilty.  Even though I was just under points, it felt ‘naughty’.  I suspect that was because I had decided I wouldn’t drink during the week – and yet I did.

Having consumed a bottle of wine, I also felt a bit BLAH when I woke during the night.  Obviously I am out of practice, though I felt fine this morning.

A low-points day (soup again for lunch) and I only had scrambed eggs for dinner but I am going to have some popcorn (with butter) shortly.  I usually have savoury flavouring on my popcorn, but I checked out the points for icing sugar and it is only 1/2 point per tablespoon, so I might have half savoury and half sweet.  I will melt some butter over the top and then a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar and shake (it all about!).

The popcorn thing is cos the Glee Season 1 finale is on TV tonight here in Oz.  So, I have a night in front of the television planned! 

I actually got on the scales tonight and – it looks like my weight has decreased a bit, which is excellent.  Fingers crossed it continues and when I weigh in (in two days time) the news is positive.  I am a tad worried cos (sorry, this is too much information!!!) but it is ‘that’ time of the month shortly, so I might be a bit bloated.  Of course I may use that as an excuse if I don’t lose weight which may be a cop out.  I wonder how people on shows like The Biggest Loser deal with bloating etc.

Anyway…. almost time to make my popcorn and settle in front of the TV.

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