Day 45

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Permalink

Well, I have succumbed to red wine.  Well…. not quite yet, but I bought a bottle on the way home.  After a low points day (a soup-lunch meant I had only consumed about 7 points all day – I am still not very good at snacking.  I know I should graze all day to keep my metabolism kicking over, but frankly I prefer to consume my calories at night when I am roaming around my apartment!) I realised I had heaps of points left, so procured for myself a nice bottle of cabernet merlot.

My fillet steak (not consumed last night) is in the oven with 3 small potatoes and some carrot, onion, capsicum, garlic etc being roasted.  Yum yum.  I am assuming I will scoff the entire bottle of red cos… well, hello, this is me we are talking about (queen of the do-nothing-by-halves mentality!) but still that will take me to 23 – 24 points (my daily allowance). 

I am trying hard not to feel guilty.  I jumped on the scales when I got home and HAD they been a bit less than yesterday, I might have waivered and thought about limiting my red wine consumption.  Cos they weren’t, I thought ‘well stuff it, I’ll have some red wine’.  Exactly the opposite to what one should think I suspect. 

Anyway…. I am being overcome with the rich aroma of the steak and roasting vegetables so I shall go and crack open the vinho and start imbibing…

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