Day 43

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In retrospect switching my Weight Watchers weigh-in day to Saturday may have been a mistake.  When it was Sunday I had to be ‘good’ until then and then after weighing-in I cut loose a bit for the rest of the day.  But, after weighing-in on Saturday, I let it all hang out for the rest of that day, but then…. I didn’t get back on track on Sunday.  I didn’t binge on rubbish, but I went over points with dinner AND drank about 8 points in alcohol.  As a result I went over points and today am about 2kgs heavier than I was on Saturday.

I am hoping this is just an aberration and when I get on tomorrow or Wednesday the numbers will be down a bit. 

I am back on the straight and narrow today with a low points day (small amount of baked beans, egg and fat free bacon for brekkie; and soup for lunch).  So, only about 6.5points pre-dinner.  I had a biggish dinner – a chicken casserole thing with some rice (8 points) and then an egg custard afterwards, to take me to 18 points. 

I wondered at one point today if I would have the motivation to not drink tonight.  Only a couple of nights of wine, after a week without almost got me back into that habit.  Sad isn’t it, that it makes the night pass more easily and effortlessly.  

Anyway, on that note, I am having an early night and going to bed with a book.  I feel a bit ‘down’ tonight – mainly thanks to the reading on the scales – but also I guess because I have let myself down a bit…

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