Day 42

Sunday, July 4, 2010 Permalink

Well, I haven’t exactly reverted to appropriate dieting behaviour after yesterday’s post-weigh-in splurge.  Not that I have been TOO bad, but I have bought another bottle of red wine to have with dinner tonight and had popcorn this afternoon.

I will attempt to track the points, even if I do go over and THEN get properly back on track tomorrow – sans booze and under points every day.

Not sure why the trouble today.  Although I look forward to weekends (with some desperation at times) I have to admit to sometimes feeling a bit at a loss.  My friends are all very settled and couple-y so it is hard to find people to do things with on a weekend and, in all honesty, I quite enjoy the alone-time.  I just often find myself with nothing to do.  Actually there ARE things to do, but I let ‘shoulds’ play on my mind.  ie. I shouldn’t go to the movies etc because I should be doing some ‘homework’ for my writing course, or I should be writing posts for my other blog.

I think there is some saying about living in a world of ‘coulds’ instead of a world of ‘shoulds’.  Or perhaps I made it up.  Either way, it is something I  need to strive for!

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