Day 40

Friday, July 2, 2010 Permalink

I shouldn’t have gotten on the scales earlier this week because I really got my hopes up.  I saw a change in my weight after only a day or two and thought I might be in for a big loss this week (despite it being a short week for me and my weigh-in)….

But alas, I jumped on the scales tonight (I know, I really need to stop!) and the reading hasn’t changed from earlier this week.  Why oh why???

I know that I will be off and on several times before my 3pm weigh-in with the Weight Watchers consultant in my one-on-one appointment tomorrow, but I guess what I need to do (other than stop getting on the bloody scales!) is focus on the fact that I have been on-track and motivated this week.  And on the fact that this motivation – even if not translated into (significant) weight loss – has made me feel better about myself and given me  a sense of accomplishment.  Hmmmm…. self pep-talk over!

I had a good day yesterday again – only 1 point under my daily allowance, but still under (I decided to have an egg custard after dinner again.  It is bloody cold and I don’t like tea / coffee and can’t have wine or hot chocolate, so am desperate). 

I am feasting on popcorn (with butter) later tonight so had scrambled eggs for dinner (amazingly high points when you add in some light evaporated milk!).  But I will be under points and (for a change) I have bonus points if I needed them as I had my 1hr pilates class today.

Anyway, I may not post again before weigh-in – unless bored or impatient tomorrow, but I will endeavour to post afterwards… good news or not!

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