Day 39

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I wish I had the strength to continue ‘dieting’ with the same motivation and mindset that I have at the moment.  If I am truly honest, I am just hanging out for weigh-in on Saturday so I can then ‘be naughty’ or eat stuff I feel I shouldn’t.  I know enough to know that what I am doing shouldn’t be called ‘dieting’ but should be a way of life (blah, blah, blah)… I also know that food isn’t ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but comprises  stuff that we should eat more often or less often.

But it is hard to change 30 years of brainwashing.  Perhaps the current generation won’t be tainted by the same food / dieting values that some of us in Gen X are.  My own mother certainly came from a generation where merely cutting out lollies and chocolate was a good thing: the days before the Zone, Pritikin, South Beach, Blood Type and even the Cabbage Food diet.  (I suspect the baby food diet I have read about in gossip magazines is a fad or one of those ‘I made love to an alien’ stories!).   I don’t have children but can only hope my niece (and her generation) doesn’t grow up with the same food foilbles that have followed me around for so long.  Fingers crossed that she (only) eats when she is hungry or needs energy and eats what she wants in moderation, rather than forbidding certain foods and later craving them obsessively!

So, four days into diligently tracking WW points (honestly) and keeping under my limit and I can only hope that the scales on Saturday (two sleeps away) reflect my efforts and keep me motivated.   I will allow myself my ‘treats’ on Saturday (and am already planning night of DVD-viewing with some exciting food) before getting back into the swing of things on Sunday. 

I hope I can do it…. I really need to make up for the debacle of Days 8 – 34 this time around on Weight Watchers!

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