Day 38

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Permalink

My positive frame of mind continues…  I have to admit to jumping on the scales this morning and the results looked positive even after just 2 days of keeping to points!  Imagine if I did it all of time?! 

I even went for a walk (of my own volition) this afternoon.  I finished work before 5.30 for a change and was home by 6pm.  As the bus neared the stop near my apartment I pondered on the idea of a very short walk…. just up and down some nearby streets.  Even more amazingly I got home, changed and was out the door before I had time to reconsider.

I had decided to call in at my corner store on the way back from my 15-20min walk, but after a few blocks I realised that I could just keep going a bit further and (instead) go to the nearby supermarket. It only added 5-10mins each way to my walk, but meant I clocked up 30 minutes (and got more bang for my buck!).  My shins hurt a little as I reached the supermarket, but I wondered if that was psychosomatic as much as anything….

Anyway, I am feeling happy I did some exercise AND am sticking to my points.  I have had 10 points so far today, as my lunch was a bit higher in points than usual.  I am having some delicious fillet steak tonight with some potatoes (chopped into fake chips, zapped in the microwave and put under the griller) with some green beans.  As I will still be under 18 points I thought I might also make an egg custard type thingy. 

I am also cooking up some soup for lunches (tomato soup with some kidney beans etc, which ‘ups’ the points a bit, but is still a healthy option!). 

So, another good day.  Only two and a half more to get through before weigh-in.  I think I can make it!!!

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