Day 36

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A concerted effort from me today to get back on track…. but given that it is the first day of this new motivated-me, I won’t get too excited.  I had a very low points day (just through disorganisation more than anything).  I had my usual breakfast (must mix it up sometime!) for 5 points.  Then I just had a soup for lunch 2.5 points).  So now I am cooking dinner and have 10ish points free. 

Even though my Weight Watchers points daily allowance is 24 points, they say you should never go below 18 points (guess it slows the metabolism etc etc).  So, I have plenty of room to move tonight for dinner.  I am doing a mustard chicken thing.  The mustard, green peppercorns and stock don’t have any points, so the light evaporated milk (in lieu of cream) won’t tip me over my points limit, nor will the rice. 

I was, however, actually starving at some point today.  I am so accustomed to minimising my daytime points (to allow for booze etc at night) that I didn’t pace myself well.  Next shopping trip I must buy some snack foods. 

My WW consultant yesterday told me not to stress about (my lack of) exercise and to focus on points for a while.  I know I have heard in the past that diet is all-important when trying to lose weight (particularly when you are 40+kgs overweight like me!); but that exercise plays a key role in maintenance / keeping it off. 

I am hoping to go out for Chinese tomorrow night as it is my best friend’s last night in town before heading back overseas.  I really wanted some Chinese yesterday but ended up loaning her my car… So, I will have to manage my daytime points again to allow myself my favourite satay beef and rice. 

So, a good start to the week (for a change).  I weigh-in on a Saturday this week, so less days to make a difference (6 days between weigh-ins; only 5 given my ‘weighing-day’ debauchery).  A good result this week should re-motivate me.

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