Day 3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Permalink

Points yesterday – 23.5 out of my 25 point allowance.

Was a bit disorganised last night, so after boasting that I always have my lunches under control I had to just throw a can of tomato soup in my bag as I headed off to work today.

I breakfasted as usual – toast, bacon and an egg (5 points), then souped for lunch (don’t you love how I use these nouns as verbs?!) but had to add some milk so the condensed tomato soup was vaguely palatable (4 points).

This afternoon I had a dentist’s appointment as a filling had come out on the weekend…. so after that decided on something ‘soft’ for dinner and had scrambled eggs on toast (including light evaporated milk and some stock – 6 points!).

Having finished work early I thought I would go for a walk, but had chores to do (library books to return, grocery shopping) and I was tired and had a numb mouth so just came home….

I did do 15 minutes on the jogging trampoline which is better than nothing.

So, day 3 I suspect I will be target about 23 points again.

After making the scrambled eggs I made a brew-of-sorts from onion, capsicum, garlic and basil with tinned tomatoes, kidney beans, stock and lemon juice (only about 3 points per serve) which will do me for lunch for the next two days.

So, I will try to stay motivated. I did quickly jump on the scales tonight -filled with a sudden panic that I don’t feel TOO deprived so maybe it isn’t working….. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I don’t want to get to Sunday and then discover that I haven’t done very well. But, I am sticking to the plan….

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