Day 29

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Okay, confession time. After the dinner out on Day 18, I went away to my parents’ place for a long weekend. Fortunately I had instructed my mother to have NOTHING unhealthy in the place, as my commitment was already under siege and motivation had greatly decreased since starting Weight Watchers nearly 3 weeks before.

My mother had followed my instructions, but I had several points blow-outs over the 4 days. Two of which were predominantly caused by an over-consumption of alcohol. Why oh why? A coping mechanism perhaps? I am not sure, but I also decided to have my ‘free’ Sunday even though I wasn’t weighing in and overindulged on corn chips and chocolate.

I also had so much alcohol the night before we drove back that I was hungover on the trip. Not a pretty experience. It did however snap me back into the present and on days 22 – 27 my dieting performance was stellar. (If I do say so myself and I even had 3 much-needed alcohol-free days!) But with weigh-in on Sunday (Day 28) what would the verdict be…?

I was devastated in week 2 to only have lost 0.6kgs; and after an up and down fortnight I was expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. I was indeed hoping that my efforts in the days leading up to the weigh-in had resurrected my chances.

I lost 1.2kgs. I should have been happy. I guess. Any loss is good. The bloody consultant raved on about the fact that it was essentially 0.6 each week and that was okay. But I was unhappy. I have to admit I was even teary. I have been going for one whole month and I have only lost 6.2kgs. That would be fine if I was just a bit overweight. But I am not. I am significantly overweight. It should be falling off me, even on the more-sensible Weight Watchers program. But it isn’t. I know that is my own fault. I had a wayward fortnight and the last ditch efforts weren’t enough to redeem myself.

I couldn’t get away from yesterday’s session fast enough. The consultant I saw (my least favourite) fortunately understood this and cut the session short (15 minutes became less than 10 minutes). Tempted as I was to binge-eat for the rest of the day, I had my corn chip treat and am back on track.

I guess I just need to keep plodding along. My focus for this week will be on exercise. As in, doing some! Not saving up until 3 days before weigh-in and suddenly panicking! I also need to stick to points. Every day! All is not lost and I need to remember that.

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