Day 2

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Permalink

I survived Day 1, consuming a total of 23 of my 25 points. I was pretty happy with my efforts and decided not to fret over the lack of exercise (or alcohol consumed!).

Day 2 now and I breakfasted on the same as yesterday – toast, egg and low fat bacon (5 points). I had leftover chicken and noodle soup for lunch (4 points). I know I should be ‘snacking’ to keep my metabolism kicking over, but have to admit that I am saving points for dinner (and wine).

Tonight I am feasting on a (180g) fillet steak and some potatoes (chopped up as wedges – zapped in microwave then grilled), plus some other pointless veges (and by pointless I mean, not accruing any WW points rather than them having no meaning!!!). And, I will (again) have some wine. I figure I can clock up another 5 points – or so given that dinner will be 6 or 7 points.

While I am confessing my sins, I must also admit to something else which is a tad embarassing. A couple of weeks ago – having quit Personal Training and lacking in the motivation to walk early in the morning or dark of night – I went out and bought a little jogging trampoline. Did I hear someone say CHOOSE LIFE? Yes indeed – very 1980s! And I did use a jogging trampoline in those days but was about 70-80kgs lighter. I recall being in the University gym and jumping and running vigorously on one…. whereas now I am capable of some sort of trot that looks like I am limping! But, I figure it must be equivalent to a walk. I had thought about hiring a treadmill, which I have done previously, but then I tend to stress about the fact that I SHOULD be running instead of walking and then I try to run (or do interval training, which I know is ideal) and then I get too breathless; then I dread it; and then I hate it; and then I stop using the damned thing.

So, I figure – I can jump on the trampoline for 10 minutes at a time and it isn’t troublesome and I won’t dread it too much. So I forced myself to do a little prance around for 10 minutes this morning and have – just now – finished my 15 minutes (yay for me!). I am trying to think positively about the small steps (albeit in the form of unattractive trots!) I am making!

So now, it is time to retire to the bath (red wine in hand) before cooking dinner and retiring in front of the television.


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