Day 18

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Well, I survived my first evening out on Weight Watchers. I did have to remind myself I was dieting as I decided on my order – veal medallions on a bed of greens (can’t remember what they were – leafy stuff plus some green beans) – to NOT have the hand-cut potato chips as well. The big chunky chips looked delicious, as did the aioli! I probably would have had them if they had come with my meal, but as it happened they were deep fried (argh!) in the same oil as the battered calamari, so not gluten-free. Alas….

My dining partners and I skipped entrees and dessert, but indulged in a couple of glasses of wine (not unusual for me!). All in all a lovely evening!

Dining out has never been a problem for me when dieting. I can behave myself. I don’t mind paying excessive amounts of money for small delicious meals. It is at home – with no audience – where I misbehave and am more prone to be out-of-control.

I am about to face an even-bigger challenge however, as I head home to my parents for a long weekend. Every time I have been motivated and dieting it all goes out of the window when I am at ‘home’. I am not sure if there is some throwback to my childhood where I think I am allowed all sorts of treats; whether my mother buys all of the foods I love but shouldn’t eat (and no, I don’t just mean chocolate… I mean tins of caramel stuff; chips etc); or whether I turn to food to cope with childhood issues not entirely out of my system. Whichever… I almost always give up diets after being home or on holidays with my family!

So, here goes…..

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