Day 17

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Permalink

Oops! On many counts. Not just that days have passed since I last posted, but in regard to my overall behaviour as well.

I should start by saying that my weigh-in (on Day 14) didn’t go as well as I had hoped. After an excellent 4.4kg loss in week 1, I lost a measly 0.6kg in week 2. Now any loss is good and I know I should be grateful, but frankly when it is week 2 and you have 30-50kgs to lose, the numbers should be better.

So what went wrong? I wasn’t as ‘good’. I went over points on a couple of occasions and didn’t really go under points that much. I am still not in any habit with my exercising, though had finally walked – twice!

The Weight Watchers consultant was very comforting and said all of the right things, but none of it alleviated my frustration, disappointment and guilt. And how did I cope with this? By consuming corn chips and Chinese food of course. And even some chocolate, as when I went to buy some wine, one of the winemakers is having some special where you get a free chocolate with the bottle, which of course won me over!

I did (mostly) get back on track Monday, though both Monday and Tuesday I have had more wine than I should and that has taken me over my points limit both days.

I am having a crappy time at work at the moment, which isn’t helping and I cope by overindulging in food or alcohol. I know I am supposed to try and distract myself, but ultimately it comes down to me – by myself – with only my ponderous mind to keep me company and deal with the day’s dilemmas.

But, today is a new day and I cannot let my current state of mind or frustration get me down. So, onward and upward….or something.

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