Day 12

Friday, June 4, 2010 Permalink

A good day for me. Under points for a change. I did drink today’s alcohol allowance last night however… so was quite resolved in being ‘good’ today.

I had the day off work and was worried about how I would cope with being home for the entire day and not succumbing to temptation or boredom, but I did surprisingly well.

Breakfast was the usual, but I did make up a batch of popcorn (with butter and some chopped onion and garlic and soy sauce… yes, strange I know!) to graze over while I watch ‘taped’ TV during the afternoon (in lieu of lunch!).

I haven’t worked my way back up to doing walks – not exactly sure why…. shin splints perhaps? – but had some chores to run so parked my car near the end point and wandered to and from the places I needed to visit. Small wins I guess but it depresses the hell out of me that this time last year I was doing aerobics and walks didn’t really count as real exercise!

A healthy day meant I could have a ‘fry-up’ for dinner. Well, not really obviously (only a teaspoon of olive oil), but I did have some fillet steak, egg, onion, potato etc… I calculated it at 8.5 points, so high compared to my usual dinners, but with no alcohol or anything else I kept to 20 points (of my 24) for the day. Yay for me…!

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