Day 13

Saturday, June 5, 2010 Permalink

I had an excellent start to the day as I got up and went for a walk first thing. Once upon a time not a big deal, but thanks to my recent apathy and shin issues, a much-needed confidence and motivational boost! Not that I am saying my thinking has suddenly turned around, but I was pleased that I was able to get out of bed and bound out of the door. (Okay, there was no bounding. Perhaps grudging acquiescence as I staggered outside half-asleep!)

I remember when I used to exercise regularly in the morning. Even better was when I went to aerobics before work. There was NOTHING like the feeling on the way home, dripping with sweat, to know that my exercise was out of the way for the day – ie. exercise: done; big tick!

So, weigh-in number 2 tomorrow and I am nervous again. After my great 4.4kg loss in week 1, I have what is akin to performance anxiety about tomorrow.

After an alcohol-free and low WW points day yesterday, I will scrape in tonight – if lucky – as I am having some wine with my baked chicked breast and roasted veges (all done in oven bag). I actually tried a WW soup recipe today. Simple enough for even me to master…. some tinned condensed tomato soup, with some skim milk and some drained chickpeas, and a sprinkling of grated cheese on top. Da-dum! And only 3 points for a (quite small) serve! Soups are such a great (and mostly) low calorie, low point option. Must have them more often.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow! (You know as I write that I am struck by something I often notice. Though not religious, it isn’t uncommon for me to jump on the scales pleading, “Please God, let me have lost weight!” It is always as if some external force will determine the outcome. And – despite knowing that what I consume Vs what I expend makes all of the difference – I still feel there is some twisted aspect of chance to the numbers on the scale. No rhyme, no reason. Just damned luck!

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