Day 11

Thursday, June 3, 2010 Permalink

Stuck to basics tonight in attempt to keep the points down, and had steak, potato (in wedges – zapped in microwave and then grilled) with some veges for dinner (wrote down 6 points but….).

Of course if I skipped the wine I could have had more potatoes, or a sauce, but alas…. As it is, I suspect I should have upped the points allocation (for the steak) I wrote down in my tracking journal.

Have arranged a day off work tomorrow. Last weekend I kept busy with hair appointments and then the half-day lead-up to weigh in, this week I will have an entire extra day (Friday) to fill. I will have to find tasks that keep me busy and NOT thinking about food. So, I guess… DVD-watching is out.

Hmmmm…. what to do; what to do….?

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