Day 10

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 Permalink

Phew… finally got onto my jogging trampoline and frankly 20mins is better than nothing! My shins are still a bit sore but perhaps I am being paranoid about how they (and I) will cope with a walk!

I have pilates (private lesson) tomorrow so that will be a bonus.

I had a busy day at work today so scoffed some leftovers for lunch, only leaving my desk for a couple of loo breaks in the 10 hours I spent in the office! I decided I was too lazy to cook and can’t eat a serve of leftover mince thingy for the 3rd time today (though only 4 points in a serve!) so am having popcorn for dinner. Would be healthy, except I do smother in some butter (trying to budget 4 teaspoons!) and then some flavouring. And, I have had a champagne or two (though the low calorie / low alcohol kind).

Wish I didn’t use food and alcohol to cope with stress – and crappy days at work!

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