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I have previously mentioned that I am doing Weight Watchers through one-on-one consultations, offered at only one place in my State, which happens to be through a large department store nearby.  These 10-15min sessions cost the same as WW meetings, but save me from having to listen to others droning on about things completely irrelevant to me, or WW leaders preaching about the benefits of drinking water… one of the only things I constantly do well.

After a 6 or so week break for my holidays (and parent-caring duties) I return to WW tomorrow.  I got the reminder text message as I lolled in bed this morning and groaned inwardly.

I have put on weight.  That fact is not up for any debate.  For many (complicated) reasons, I have extended my holidays by one week (yippee!).  As a result I have been contemplating the idea of deferring my WW return for one week as well.  But, the danger of that is that I continue on my wayward eating ways for yet another week, rather than weighing-in tomorrow and dealing with the consequences.  My evil twin would like to continue to eat what I want for another week… after all, I am still on holidays.  But the saner part of me realises I need to rein in my eating – sooner rather than later.

And I am gettting there.  I have stuck to points for a couple of days in a row now. 

So the trick will be, weighing-in tomorrow and looking down at the numbers without sobbing or screaming… and then walking out the door committed to a marked decrease the next week.

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