Cat-sitter extraordinaire

Friday, April 15, 2011 Permalink

Because I am so generous and kind-hearted, each time my brother and his family go on holidays I move into their house to look after their cats.  Okay, that’s a bit of a fib.  They don’t have anyone else to ask, so ask me.  I feel guilty and obliged, so I say yes.   But in reality, I don’t mind it too much.

  1. It is a change having someone to talk to (ie. Esmeralda – the gender-challenged sleek male cat; and Captain Jack Sparrow, the chubby and somewhat stupid tabby cat they got from the RSPCA).
  2. They have cable television and although they don’t have movie channels (they went for the kids’ package instead?!) I suspect that being there over the Easter long weekend may mean some interesting television marathons.  Hopefully (though) not The Simpsons or the like.
  3. My brother and sister-in-law’s bedroom is huge.  It is on the ground level (living space upstairs which is unusual) and surrounded by trees which are visible through their bamboo blinds – so I feel like I am on some tropical island.  Or something.
  4. They have a pool which would be exciting if we weren’t heading into winter, but you never know…
  5. Their bathtub is larger than mine so far better for lolling about with a book or glass (bottle) of wine.

Of course there are a number of disadvantages.  The fact that I have to work out new commuting arrangements to and from work is an issue; but more problematic is that when I am there I find myself acting as if I am on holidays.  I make regular trips to the local supermarket and indulge in all sorts of crap.  I suspect it’s because I’m usually there around school holidays, which are around public holidays.

At the moment Easter eggs are in plentiful supply in the grocery stores and I know (from previous experience) being home for DAYS at a time offers me many opportunities for overindulgence.  Also, not having to work generally means I can imbibe in a vino or two (or three) and practically REQUIRES me to lounge about stuffing my face while wearing n0t-to-be-seen-in-public comfortable attire.

I want this time to be different.  Even though I haven’t been perfect since (re)commencing my calorie-counting ways earlier this week (ie. corn chips and dip for dinner last night), I have felt better; and I enjoy not feeling constantly full and bloated.  So, while I cannot promise NOT to indulge in chocolate, wine, corn chips and other staples to which I have no immunity, I will aim to take a different approach this time around.


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