Blatant self-promotion (cross-post style)

Thursday, February 2, 2012 Permalink

Hi all. I’m not due to post here until tomorrow… so in case you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms (an effect my addictive blogging style surely has on many), I actually *finally* posted in my other blog today.

It’s about English domestic goddess Nigella Lawson and how crappy it must be to have a kid in her kids’ classes at school when it comes time for Bake Sales, bring-a-plate day and the like.

Pop by and visit if you get a chance!

  • Sasha
    February 2, 2012

    Please, self-promote! I didn’t know you had another blog!! Or, wait… you asked me about merging, didn’t you? #mommybrain

    • rockafellaskank
      February 2, 2012

      Think it’ll be hard to merge them… so may need to keep the two for a while. The other one (Write About Now) was actually the first (I also had a blogspot account in same name) but has taken a back seat to this blog.


  • Carol Hess
    February 3, 2012

    Loved, loved, loved your post bake sale envy post. And I just signed up to follow Write About Now (great name for a blog). So glad you did the blatant self promotion thing.

    • rockafellaskank
      February 4, 2012

      Thanks Carol. I need to post in that blog more. I reduced the number of times I post in this one a week (from 5-6 to 3-4) in the hope I wrote more in the other one, but am still trying to get there!


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