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I am feeling somewhat maudlin which I suspect is diet-related.  As in… not related to what I am eating, but rather to what I am NOT eating (ie. I am depressed and feeling deprived because I am dieting and can’t bloody well eat what I want!).   

It is day two of sticking to points again and I just got on the scales.  Bloody 130.1kgs AGAIN.  Surely by now the scales should have moved.  Downwards.  I had thought that astronomical weight was a result of some binging last week and the weight would even itself out a bit before decreasing dramatically once I stuck to points.  Or something.  Obviously not.  (Or I ended up gaining even MORE weight last week and – binging over – I have now dropped… down to 130kgs!)

Anyway… am trying hard not to think about those numbers.  Rather I need to be thinking about the other numbers.  As in the ‘number’ of Weight Watchers’ points consumed today.  It has been another good day, as I have only had my usual breakfast (yes, I know, I need to vary it a bit) of  5 points,  a tin of soup for lunch and a packet soup for afternoon tea (cos 4.30pm came around at work and I was ravenous!).  So, I think I worked it out to be 8.5 points I have consumed so far.

I was on the way home from work on the bus when my mind started to engage in fanciful thoughts.  Wine…. mainly!  I decided I could buy some diet champagne and the entire bottle would only be 3 – 3.5 points – a cup of rice (and would take longer to consume and be more exciting… albeit empty calories).  I fantasised about popcorn (there was a bit of a popcorn debacle here last night when I burnt through a microwave dish.  My air popper blew up a few weeks ago and so I haven’t had a popcorn maker since.  I tried it in the microwave last night which kinda worked, well other than burning through the microwave dish that is.  And my place still smells of burnt popcorn and plastic.  I resurrected as much of it as I could.  (The popcorn, not the container – it was beyond help!)

So, no popcorn…. that started the maudlin mood.  If I couldn’t have wine and I have no exciting food, then what’s the point? 

Fortunately I was briefly distracted on my arrival home by a malfunctioning iPod Nano, so it possibly saved me from further destruction. 

It is now about 7.30pm and I am cooking a steak with rice (run out of potato, though rice offers such bad bang for my buck – in terms of WW points).  That should take me to about 20 points (I am allowing 7 points for rice because I know I will have two cups… see what I mean about it being high in points.  Seven medium sized potatoes would be much more filling!)  Then I will end the evening with an egg custard (2 – 2.5 points). 

No exercise, but I am trying to focus on the small wins (again).  Or perhaps that is just a cop out.  I might aim for some exercise tomorrow after work.  Or maybe I will take a lunch break and go for a short walk.  Maybe…

And maybe the scales will be under 13o tomorrow!  GOD at this rate I will be cancelling this week’s WW appointment as well!

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