Belt-tightening & Energising easter

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In my other blog today, I’m sharing some news about my work arrangements, which I’m mightily excited about… not to mention a bit nervous. I am however, mostly proud, having made a work/life balance decision I’ve contemplated for years! Visit to check out the news.


I had my second appointment with my dietician / psychologist today and enjoyed it. AND I have more homework, but I’ll share more on that this coming week. Today she commented on me being ‘smart’ and ‘self-aware’ and I’m thrilled by such compliments… so I may well float around for the rest of the weekend.


I have my mother visiting for a couple of days, which is lovely – and it’s coming up on 5 months since my father passed away. Having her here is wonderful, but also a stark reminder of the month she spent with me while my father was in hospital, fading away before our very eyes.


Finally I need some help. I’m participating in Weight Wars’ Energise Easter which is a fundraising campaign Rebecca is running, designed to help us work off our Easter treats (HELLO… does anyone remember my posts from this time last year – chocolate bunnies and caramello eggs galore!) while raising funds for a good cause.

As it’s a virtual challenge I get to CHOOSE what I will be doing (running, walking, swimming etc) over the Easter break.

I’m sure I’ll write about it when the time comes but Easter is always a BIG danger time for me… so I need to put some thought into this. I’m actually going to be here in my own little apartment over the Easter break so have NO excuse to not commit.

So… if anyone has any ideas about what I should be doing, I’d welcome any suggestions.


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