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Egad.  Have just been shopping and I knew I was in trouble before I even went….

I had pilates first thing this morning.  Actually when I say ‘first thing’ I mean it in a relative sense…. I am on holidays, so ‘first thing’ was actually 10am and despite my instructor thinking that gave me heaps of time, I still crawled out of bed at 9.45am to get there!  Anyway… at pilates I was telling my instructor (also a neighbour and friend) what I wanted to do today. 

I was, I said, keen to go the library to get some reading fodder.  I was supposed to go and buy a new desk chair (on my ‘to-do’ list since April) and I really needed some groceries.  However, I said, I knew my motivation / commitment to Weight Watchers wasn’t yet strong enough that I would resist temptation if I went shopping. 

So, while still dressed in vaguely decent clothes (though sweaty) straight after my pilates lesson I went to the library AND decided to go grocery shopping.  Toilet paper is of the essence you see…. (Desk chair wasn’t on post-workout agenda because it is one thing calling into my local shops looking bedraggled, but not even I would venture further afield like this!)

And, you guessed it…. once inside the supermarket, with hardly a second thought I located the health food aisle and didn’t pick up one packet of my current favourite thing (gluten-free corn chips), but two!!!!!  I did refrain from buying chocolate as well, but still…..

I haven’t eaten them yet, but I still feel bad!  Guilty already.  If I was different I would perhaps think of having just a few, but I know I am more likely to binge on the whole two packets.  Damn!

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