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I am now in my hometown looking after my father while my mother is in hospital.  I will remain for a couple of weeks on her return to help out.

My 40 minute walks have dwindled along with my broadband speed although my eating habits are slightly more in-check.  So far.  Although her larder is bulging and freezer full of food and frozen pre-prepared meals, my mother rid the house of any junk food – other than a block of dark (70% cocoa) chocolate hidden at the back of the fridge (which I obviously discovered VERY early on during this visit.  Amazingly it is still partially intact.  Only a year or so ago I would scoff 4 x 250g Family Sized Blocks of chocolate in a sitting.  Surely that means I have evolved.  Or something!).

Nevertheless, I am hoping I get sufficiently motivated to start counting Weight Watchers points soon.  Any day now.  Surely.

I got on the scales when I passed through my hometown on the way to the beach just over two weeks ago.  I was about 3kgs heavier than when I had weighed-in…. weight I put on after binging on weigh-in day and those that followed.  It never increased but stayed with me rather than disappearing as it usually does when the binge ceases!  Anyway, I was relieved to find myself only 1kg more AFTER my 12 day beachside holiday…. Nevertheless, it means my weight is back up a bit.

I won’t panic until early next week when I venture onto the scales again.  Years of torment at their behest means that I sometimes find the scales hard to look at, let alone actually use.  I was nervous getting on two days ago in the event my evilness while at the beach had translated into 5 or 6kgs.  Even putting on 1kg isn’t good, but it is much better than I imagined.  The daily walks must have helped. 

Anyway…  fingers crossed I keep the eating somewhat reined in and I get my act together so that I can recommence Weight Watchers shortly as tomorrow it is 3 weeks since I last weighed in.

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