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Day one is well and truly done and dusted. And I think I did okay. Despite being ravenous all day (I really must incorporate snacks!) I went for a 30 minute walk after work with friends and then cooked a satay chicken dish for dinner – sans rice, pasta, potatoes etc. Of course.

I must admit that the chicken dish included some peanut butter and honey (an old favourite satay chicken recipe I have) but I didn’t pine for anything else. My folks have dessert EVERY night without fail, and I did think I may need to have something non-carbohydrateish myself, but was fine with a glass of diet soft drink (diet creaming soda – VERY sweet – so did the trick).

Now I am in the throes of Day two, well… it is not yet 8am and I needed to get an early start in the office, so yoghurted very early. I suspect I will be starving by lunch, but I did actually bring two lunches in. I have a recipe for this frittata-type thing from a ‘4 Ingredients’ cookbook (very popular here in Oz). Basically you use a muffin tin and line each of the 6 indentations with a slice of low fat (or gluten-free, in my case) ham (or chicken etc) and then whip up 6 eggs with some low fat milk (and other seasoning – I add tomatoes, but you could add cheese or chickpeas or capsicum or other veges) and then pour the mixture over the ham/chicken. Supposedly the meat encases the egg mixture, but unless I am doing something wrong this never actually happens for me… however once cooked you have a cute little muffin-shaped egg thing. Almost completely protein. I used to eat them last year after I had been to fat camp and I worked out the calories to be about 110 for each serving. So… having one for a snack and one for lunch isn’t too naughty of me.

I won’t get any exercise in today – and the next days will continue to be difficult as I will be starting work early in order to finish by 5pm and take my father to his radiation treatments after work, across the city each day. I told myself I would try to book into a very early morning pilates class, but exercising before 6am (hell, getting out of bed before 6am) seems slightly unhinged.

Meanwhile… given that I came into work at the crack of dawn to (well) work, I should get back to it.

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