30 days: Day 29 – Passion

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Sadly I suspect today’s topic isn’t meant to be about sex. So, sorry anyone who tuned in expecting something hot and steamy; or something about a intense and moody widowed millionaire farmer with awkward sideburns and the young beautiful headstrong and intelligent yet virginal nanny who comes to look after his 5yr old child. From reading on ahead to Tina’s words, today’s theme, Passion, is more about finding it and following it than the hot and sweaty kind. At least, I think it is….

Over the years, as I grew to love myself more, I gained more insight into all life has to offer. I finally had the chance to experience life when I cared less about how much I weighed, how many calories I ate, or how I looked in the mirror. Moving my attention and focus from such trivial matters opened new doors for me. I had more mental (and physical) energy to pursue more fulfilling areas of my life. Those ignited strong passions within me and now my life would feel empty without them. I have great passions that provide me with so much – strength, purpose, love, confidence, opportunity for growth, and more. These passions continually make me a better person and allow me the opportunity to love my life and myself.

Having these passions in my life gives me meaning. These passions remind me of just how wonderful I am. I don’t mean that to sound conceited. I simply hope to express that finding passions gives me vitality and makes me appreciate myself more than imaginable.

If you do not know them already, I urge you to find your passions. Try out many new things until you come across them. Consider what excites you and chase after it. Find something that ignites you. Make life more than just going through the motions. Embrace life with excitement and let your passions guide you.

What things are you most passionate about? How do they affect your life? If you aren’t sure on a passion, what makes you happiest right now?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. This used to take the form of diary-keeping, or epic (and hopefully entertaining) emails to friends and family about my happenings. When I went to Africa my first letter home (note to Gen Yers – the internet and emails haven’t always existed!!!) to my parents was 21 pages of scribbled A4 pages. Although I get on with others and I ‘think’ my communication skills are good, I prefer writing to speaking. It feels more natural for me to SMS/ text someone rather than call them; or to email/Facebook them rather than telephoning.

Motivational Poster - BloggingI have this vague aspiration relating to my writing but I don’t know exactly what it is. Five or six years ago I enrolled in an Introduction to Creative Writing course at my State Writers’ Centre. I enjoyed it, although felt nervous and lacked confidence in a room full of those who had already done a lot of writing and happily shared their work with others. Since that time I’ve done a few other courses: a couple on Freelance writing, half day on Short Story-writing and I even did an online Year of the Novel course. But I’ve never really found the right fit. I don’t really have a novel in my head and I don’t even like reading short stories. I like putting my thoughts down and over the past couple of years have done that through this blog and my (supposedly) primary blog. Around the time I was going through a personal upset earlier this year I enrolled in a ‘Social Networking and Social Media for Writers’ course. AND. I. FRIGGIN’. LOVED. IT. Loved it. It gave me something to be excited about at a time when my world felt like it was falling down around me. The class was a bit of a mess as there were some participants who hadn’t even used Facebook and others who already had blogs of some sort. But the facilitator knew her stuff and was fabulous. Then and there I realised what interested me – at this point in time, anyway. It was blogging. After getting advice there I went away and paid for some domain names and did some experimenting with Twitter and the like. I am yet to seriously pursue the blogging thing but it’s given me something to aim for. I don’t expect it will make me money or become a profession, but it’s something I love doing and find fulfilling. I get such a sense of accomplishment each time I publish a post. It seems to be something I am passionate about.

I love reading. In fact, I’m a voracious reader. I tend to be a bit fussy about what I read, but I find an author and polish off everything they’ve written. I enjoy Literature (with the capital L) and I enjoy mysteries and crime fiction. In my other blog I’ve written about Jane Austen, JD Robb, Robert B Parker x 2; and more recently a book by Emma Donoghue, Room, among others. When I’m in full swing I might borrow up to 5-7 books in a week and I will read them, one after the other. Sadly I tend to skim-read more than I should, so don’t appreciate the poetic prose of the likes of Tim Winton, but I can get through books quickly.

I also love television and films. I have a myriad of favourite TV shows and a number of these collections on DVD (Buffy, West Wing, Deadwood, Dead Like Me, Entourage, Big Bang Theory, Black Books, Sex and the City, Pushing Daisies, As Time Goes By… and others I’ve forgotten). My movie collection isn’t as impressive, as television series’ seem to hold my attention for longer.
Find your passion
I wonder if those reading this will look at those things: writing, reading, television, and cringe. Are they pathetic? Where’s the rock climbing, fitness-related loves or photography etc? Or the more earnest desires like helping the homeless? Any other passions I have are less easily identified. I suspect it’s an area I need to do some work on. I need to find more things I enjoy doing – as per Tina’s suggestion. A couple of years ago I enrolled in a Burlesque dancing class (and wrote about it here). But I’ve been thinking about learning a language. I need more things in my life; things that bring me joy and fill me with enthusiasm for the days, weeks and years ahead.


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