30 days: Day 25 – Gifts of the body #4

Thursday, July 21, 2011 Permalink

So this is it… The final Gifts of the body post. And you thought I’d run out of body parts…. Of course not. I told you I was saving my spleen for last.

I’ve already expressed my appreciation for the obvious bits and pieces:
Gifts of the body #1: heart, mind and lungs
Gifts of the body #2: eyes, smile and legs
Gifts of the body #3: hands and arms

Now, in all honesty I have to admit I’m not quite ready to acknowledge my oh-so-attractive breasts, or my stretch-marked stomach or my (quite sore at the moment) bum. But as I was walking home yesterday I realised that there was something I’d missed. Something I’d overlooked if you will, given that I’ve been covering off the senses.


I’m grateful for my nose. It’s not particularly beautiful and I sometimes think it’s a bit ‘beak-like’ when I’d much prefer a snubbed nose. However like my not-so-attractive hands, arms and legs, it is amazingly functional. It allows me to experience some things I love: babies smothered in talcum powder, perfume, the ocean and – of course – food. Which brings me to the reason I thought about this yesterday… Each day on my walk between home and the train station I pass a myriad of food outlets. This isn’t as much of a problem first thing in the morning, but after 6 o’clock in the evening I am usually pretty hungry and it doesn’t take much to tempt me (though you will be pleased to know, I never succumb).


I only live two blocks (just off a major road) from the train station but this is what I pass – in order: KFC, Thai restaurant, Indian takeaway, Subway, Noodle place, Nandos, Thai restaurant, Dominos Pizza, a bakery and a couple of coffee shops/delicatessens not open in the evening (thankfully). In the block that I turn there are another two Indian restaurants (one is a curry house), another bakery, a small supermarket and a chinese restaurant. So… you can imagine the aroma floating about me every evening.

And last but not least, I’m grateful for my ears. I seriously take SO many body parts for granted. In my first ‘Gifts of the Body’ post I talked about us not appreciating what we have until we no longer have them, or until others’ lives are similarly impacted.

I can hear. How bloody lucky am I? I get to hear the voices of my loved ones, I get to listen to beautiful music and experience the witty dialogue of some of my favourite television shows. I recognise people by their voices and I even get to hear the voices of those I love even though we are (and have been) sometimes far apart.

So, I’m done. It seems I’m grateful to my body for a range of gifts that usually go unacknowledged and unappreciated. Now I just have to remember that!


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