12WBT blogging challenge: Things I want to say to me (part 1)

Thursday, June 23, 2011 Permalink

Earlier this week I started posting my responses to a challenge issued by another participant and blogger on my weight loss program. I imagined myself in 12 weeks time; I identified my strengths; and I acknowledged my supporters. Yesterday I started considering the next challenge:

I want you to write yourself a letter entitled “The things I want to say to me”

Use your letter to help you remember how awesome right now is. Encourage yourself. Pat yourself on the back.

Or if you are struggling confirm to yourself how much you deserve better. Be kind but tough to yourself. Reestablish the reasons why YOU DESERVE this. Find that fighter within.

In yesterday’s post I talked about having done a similar thing as I neared the end of a one-month stay at a health retreat (though not the pampering kind; the fat camp kind). It took all of my willpower to dig this letter out because I knew I had (yet again) ‘let myself go’. I’d failed myself. Again, for fuck’s sake! I know it’s not too late and I know I can build from where I’m at now (which is where I was at the beginning of that journey). So… I’m not quite ready for the letter to my current self; but here’s what I said to the 41 year old me:


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