• Grief and life as a non mother

    Sunday, May 12, 2019 Permalink

    Although it seems as if I overshare a lot here, I’m equally conscious that people who actually know me could be reading. It might sound weird but I’m far more comfortable sharing with complete strangers than those who ‘know’ me or at least think they have some perception of who I am.

    But, I’ll be honest…. this week has been a challenging one for me.

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  • A sense of relief. Or release

    Thursday, May 2, 2019 Permalink

    I’ve actually been feeling much better since my ‘a-ha’ moment a few weeks ago. I’ve felt a sense of relief. Or release.

    I felt weird publishing that post. I was reminded of talking to my mother about quitting blogging and mentioning I’d need to announce it (on the blog) and she asked why write about it? Surely I’d just stop.

    My mum is good like that. Down to earth. It can be confronting – the notion that no one will notice or care, or that lives will continue on despite the disappearance of Debbish.com – but, I know it’d happen.

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  • A-ha moment or existential crisis?

    Thursday, April 18, 2019 Permalink

    I’ve come to a realisation. It’s one about writing and blogging. About guilt and regret. Or, very specifically in my case, the guilt I’m experiencing over my lack of writing.

    And… bigger picture, the direction I see my life taking.

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  • Passion vs purpose

    Thursday, April 4, 2019 Permalink

    I have been listening to Mark Manson’s posts quite a bit lately. (I like that his site has an audio option, so you can listen to them, rather than just read them.) I keep coming back to one or two; about purpose, values and passion. I suspect this is because I’m currently wading my way through my own existential crisis of sorts so wondering what others have to say about it.

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  • Checking in: March 2019

    Thursday, March 21, 2019 Permalink

    Well, mid March already. Or perhaps later. I can’t recall what the date is, so… the month might actually almost be over.

    The year’s been a bit of a weird one for me. Although in all honesty the time since finishing up my last job (in September) and travelling to Italy (in September – October) has been kinda challenging.

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  • A lovin’ life check-in

    Thursday, February 7, 2019 Permalink

    Did you miss me last week? Lately I’ve only managed to write one non-bookish post a week – on Thursday’s for the Lovin’ Life link-up I’m a part of. And last week I failed at that. (Despite having something drafted.)

    In reality I’m a little ‘all over the place’, which those who follow me on social media have had a front row seat to, but I do have an excuse for last week’s absence, as I had an early morning job interview.

    So instead of sharing one of the insightful and interesting posts wallowing in my drafts folder, I thought I’d do a check-in of sorts. 

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  • Goal-setting, habits, decision-making and regret

    Thursday, January 17, 2019 Permalink

    Last Thursday I mentioned a post I’d started writing after being inspired by Mark Manson. I’m not a MM devotee, though don’t get him confused with Charles or Marilyn (unlike a friend of mine). While I don’t agree with what everything he says, I very much like his way with words and find myself listening to his posts (as he offers audio and reading options) again and again… hoping stuff will sink in via some sort of subliminal mind control.

    There are two I’ve been listening to of late and – as I mentioned last week, they’ve become linked in my mind – so the post I was originally writing became confused and unwieldy. This week I’d initially planned to – in wanky corporate speak – ‘unpack’ the two themes… but they continue to be inexplicably entwined for me so I’ll include links to Manson’s two articles and focus more on what I ‘took away’ from both posts (more corporate-speak, #sorrynotsorry). 

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