Book review: Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn Parry

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I read Bronwyn Parry’s Storm Clouds about 18 months ago and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I don’t read straight* romance but like romantic suspense that weighs in favour of the latter, and it – focusing around a small community and the deaths of two women from a nearby cult – did.

The other thing I commented on in my review of Storm Clouds, was the fact Parry seemed to be developing a series with interlinked characters, pulling new characters into the limelight each time around (akin to Karen Rose or Suzanne Brockmann, whose books I enjoy).

Book review: Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn ParrySunset Shadows
by Bronwyn Parry
Series: Goodabri #3
Published by Hachette Australia
on August 9th 2016
Source: Hachette Australia
Genres: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9780733633317
Pages: 350

For police officers Steve Fraser and Tess Ballard, a split-second decision saves the lives of fifty members of a cult ­- but also puts their careers on the line. Tess's work is everything to her; she's forged a new life through sheer determination, so when her past returns to haunt her, Steve must race through wild country if he is to save the people he most cares about.

The blurb’s not overwhelmingly forthcoming, but Sunset Shadows very definitely picks up where Storm Clouds left off. In fact – even though I remembered events of that novel – I struggled a little with the beginning as I didn’t remember the specifics and needed to be reminded who was who.

So the main and only downside of this novel for me, was that you’ll flail a little for the early part of the book if you haven’t read its predecessor.

After a little while Parry catches readers up with the events of this book’s predecessor, but as she starts the novel in full action mode it could be a little confusing.

But… after the fast-paced opening, although this novel continues to involve the cult from Storm Clouds, it veers into a slightly different direction with a new focus as Tess is targeted because of her past and questions about the cult remain unanswered.

Tess and Steve are likeable leads and Parry throws a lot of challenges in their direction. I didn’t really remember either from Storm Clouds although I recalled guessing who Parry would next bring into the limelight. (And – checking out the earlier review – I was right!)

As I’m not your typical romance reader I’m relieved Parry doesn’t play games. There are no excessive ‘will they / won’t they?’ scenarios and their ‘secrets’ are laid bare pretty early rather than being unfurled at the most inopportune time. Indeed, any romance plays second fiddle to the unfolding narrative and the book keeps a good pace with constant activity and unpredictable villains.

I read this in a sitting and enjoyed it immensely. Again Parry offers up romance and the quintessential country town settings without falling into clichés. I look forward to what comes next.

Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn Parry was published in Australia on 9 August 2016 by Hachette.

I received a copy of this book for review purposes. 

* By ‘straight’ romance, I don’t mean guy / girl… I mean ONLY romance without lashings of suspense.

Does this sound like your sort of read?

  • Jo
    August 15, 2016

    Pleased to hear this. On my to be read list…

    • Debbish
      August 15, 2016

      Oh yes… I know you’re a big fan!

  • Jess
    August 15, 2016

    Sounds good!!

  • Stormi D Johnson
    August 16, 2016

    Sounds like a series I need to look up. 🙂

    • Debbish
      August 16, 2016

      Yes you should Stormi. If you check Bronwyn’s site she’s actually had another (related, I think) series before this one!

  • Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library
    August 16, 2016

    I do read a lot of straight romance and those games are my absolute least favorite part and it drives me crazy when they’re in a more suspense oriented book as it feels like it’s just taking up space. This does sound really good though I think I’ll take you advice and go with Storm Clouds first.

    • Debbish
      August 16, 2016

      Oh yes, Storm Clouds definitely sets the scene for this one Katherine. They’re two separate cases / mysteries, but linked…. if that makes sense!

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