Book review: Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding

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Joy Fielding was probably one of the first romantic suspense authors I ever read. I recall reading See Jane Run in the early 1990s and then tracking down everything she wrote before and after for many years. I seem to have missed a few now so jumped at the chance to review her latest, Someone is Watching, when I saw it was available.

Book review: Someone is Watching by Joy FieldingSomeone is Watching
by Joy Fielding
Published by Bonnier Zaffre
on December 1st 2016
Source: NetGalley, Allen & Unwin
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Genres: Romantic Suspense, Psychological Thriller
ISBN: 9781785762017
Pages: 384

Bailey Carpenter is a smart and savvy private investigator, until a horrific attack leaves her trapped at home in her Miami high-rise apartment, crippled by paranoia.

Everywhere she looks, she sees the face of her attacker.

Including in the apartment directly opposite her.

Where someone is watching.

We meet Bailey just before she’s attacked. She’s living a pretty charmed life as an investigator for a firm of lawyers. Although she’s lost her parents, her wealthy father bought her an apartment and left his fortune to Bailey and her brother Heath…. much to the disdain of his five previous children. In fact, the only blip in Bailey’s life is the fact her half-siblings are contesting her father’s will… although she’s very comfortably off, so not that concerned.

She’s keeping an eye on someone’s house as part of an investigation one evening when she’s attacked and raped.

Lying low during her recovery Bailey’s frustrated by the police’s lack of progress and struggling to trust those around her.

A former lover, potential suitors, neighbours and even estranged siblings fall under suspicion.

There are positives however, as Bailey’s reunited with her half-sister Claire and teenage niece Jade… the latter adding some flavour to Bailey’s life.

Unhappy with the police’s progress Bailey starts to follow up on suspects herself, seemingly becoming more and more paranoid until those around her start to worry about her mental health.

Of course… what’s that saying about you only being paranoid if they’re not out to get you?

I really enjoyed this book by Fielding. The characters are great. Bailey initially pissed me off as she seemed like a bit of a spoiled princess who’d not had to work for anything, but she grew on me as did the rebellious Jade. Fielding also offers up a lot of grey in her support cast as we readers aren’t sure who to trust or believe and many seem to have their own agendas.

This psychological thriller is well-paced and will keep readers guessing… and – if you’re like me – you’ll need to read it in a sitting.

Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding is published by Bonnier Zaffre in the UK and is now available and by Allen & Unwin in Australia.

I received a copy of this book from the publishers for review purposes.


Have you read any Joy Fielding? Are you a fan of psychological thrillers? (Or romantic suspense?)

  • Stormi D Johnson
    December 2, 2016

    Not read this author but she sounds really good. 🙂

    • Debbish
      December 2, 2016

      Yes… and she has a lot of books behind her Stormi!

  • Annie
    December 2, 2016

    I’ve read tons of books by her and her latest ones weren’t that good… except this one 🙂

    • Debbish
      December 3, 2016

      I seem to have missed her recent books Annie, so perhaps that’s a good thing. But I did enjoy this as well.

  • Emma
    December 2, 2016

    I can’t get away with romantic suspense myself – I want one or the other (preferably the latter) though I know that it can work well.

    • Debbish
      December 3, 2016

      I think there are a few authors who do the romantic suspense thing well – Jayne Ann Krentz, Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Karen Rose come to mind immediately… it’s the only way I can read romance… (if someone’s life is at risk!) 😉

  • Janine K
    December 2, 2016

    I also read See Jane Run many years ago and couldn’t put it down!! I also read a lot of her books after that, she is a good author

    • Debbish
      December 3, 2016

      Yes… I looked at her site as I’d assumed See Jane Run was her first book, but it was just obviously the first of hers I’d read, so I must have gone to her previous books after that.

  • Nise' (Under the Boardwalk)
    December 3, 2016

    I’ve read a few of her books and look forward to reading this one.

  • Maureen Beatrice
    December 3, 2016

    This sounds like a great read. I haven’t read any books by Joy Fielding but I really like psychological thrillers. I’ll definitely check this one out. Great review 😉

    • Debbish
      December 4, 2016

      Thanks Maureen. I hope you enjoy it!

  • kimbacaffeinate
    December 4, 2016

    I have not tried this author, but love that she is a one sitting type read.

    • Debbish
      December 4, 2016

      Yes… And there’s quite a backlist as well Kimberly if you want to check her out.

  • Mel Kettle
    December 5, 2016

    thanks Deb, been looking for a new-to-me author to start. Love that there is a good backlist too.

    • Debbish
      December 5, 2016

      Oh yes, she’s been around for ages Mel so there should be a good supply at the library!

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