Book review: Foul Play by Fiona McIntosh

Sunday, January 14, 2024 Permalink

It has to be said that soccer (aka football) fans are gonna love Foul Play by Fiona McIntosh. I’m very much enjoying this series headed up by the charismatic Jack Hawksworth, appreciating that, even though it’s set in England, McIntosh imbues Aussie flavour into each book in the series. Here via an Aussie-raised soccer player doing great things in his fictional UK club, supported by the club’s Australian (mining magnate) owner.

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Book review: Mirror Man by Fiona McIntosh

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 Permalink

Mirror Man by Fiona McIntosh is the third in the series featuring Scotland Yard detective Jack Hawksworth, promoted here to Detective Superintendent.

I’ve commented in my review of the two previous books that I very much like that McIntosh presents Jack as a likeable boss and his own supervisor is also a good friend of his. It’s a nice change from the usual bastard-like guv’ners we meet in most novels featuring police personnel.

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Book review: Bye Bye Baby by Fiona McIntosh

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Permalink

I met Fiona McIntosh at an event in Hervey Bay a few years ago. I didn’t know much about her work then as I was still fairly new to book blogging and most of the books for which she’s well-known (The Perfumer’s Secret, The Chocolate Tin and The Pearl Thief – to name her most recent releases) are outside of my usual reading genre.

I did know however – in addition to fantasy and historical fiction – she’s written about the art of novel writing and has been conducting writing masterclasses for some time.

Her Australian publisher is re-releasing a crime fiction series McIntosh published under the pseudonym Lauren Crow, which is right up my reading alley!

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