ARC review: Running Cold by Susan Walter

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In a recent review of one of her older books (Over Her Dead Body) I commented that I follow US author Susan Walter on social media, having loved a book of hers I read in 2023, Lie by the Pool. I noted a week or two ago she mentioned that an October 2024 release was available for early readers on review site, NetGalley, so I jumped on and requested it. At the time I had nothing awaiting my reading attention that’s being published in the next few weeks so started Running Cold on a Friday night after some work travel. And I was again hooked and kept reading until I finished the book.

ARC review: Running Cold by Susan WalterRunning Cold: A Novel
by Susan Walter
Published by Lake Union Publishing
on 08/10/2024
Source: NetGalley
Genres: Thriller / Suspense, Psychological Thriller
ISBN: 1662515359
Pages: 317

Julie Adler’s perfect facade is shattered by grief when her husband commits suicide. His death reveals that their luxurious California life was a house of cards, and his secret business dealings have left Julie penniless.

As she strikes out on her own, Julie feels drawn to her old stomping grounds in Banff, a charming and isolated ski town where she once trained for the Olympics. She finds work as a housekeeper at a luxury resort, but just as she starts to piece together a new life, an eccentric guest turns up dead. And Julie, the last person seen in her hotel room, is the prime suspect.

The evidence is stacked against her, but even in the encroaching blizzard, Julie knows her way around these mountains. She just needs to evade the police long enough to find the truth behind the murder…and before the real killer finds her first.

This book unfolds from several points of view. Initially it’s Julie and her friend Izzy, but later we’re hosted by an old friend of Julie’s Remy as well as Detective Monique Montepelier.

Thankfully Walter wastes no time in getting to the life-changing event that precipitates everything that comes after… the death of Julie’s husband by suicide. Their life wasn’t as perfect it seemed but Julie is shocked by her husband’s actions nonetheless. Until she finds all of their bank accounts drained. Rather than share the bad news with her friends and those that knew the pair, she heads to the resort that Remy manages and takes a job as a cleaner. Things then move very quickly as a guest is murdered – coincidentally with links to Julie’s husband’s business. Julie is arrested but a car accident on her way to a watch house allows her to escape and try to work out who is behind the murder.

Walter paces this well and times the reveals so readers are learning of secrets and motivations as Julie’s uncovering them.

I enjoyed this read and its resolution. There aren’t a lot of red herrings on offer so it’s pretty easy to guess whodunnit though the why was a big surprise. The only other thing I pondered was whether Julie needed her posse of three friends as two featured minimally and I was slightly distracted, waiting for them to emerge from the wings to play a bigger role. That aside this is another great book from Walter. I’m conscious she was (maybe still is) a screen-writer, so knows how to keep the action coming, and I can certainly imagine her books on a big or small screen.

Running Cold by Susan Walter will be published by Lake Union Publishing in October 2024.

I received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher and author for review purposes. 


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