Book review: Secrets in Death by JD Robb

Monday, September 18, 2017 Permalink

I requested a print copy of this book (as it’s the only series I’m attempting to collect*) and had been waiting somewhat impatiently as the release date came and went (I know… poor me! 😉 ). So when the electronic copy popped up in an online galley last week I jumped at the chance to get hold of it. Particularly given that Eve Dallas, Roarke and the In Death series are a a bit of a comfort read for me.

This is number 45 in the series and there are a few novellas and short stories as well. I know of someone for whom no. 44 was the first and they were able to enjoy it without having read the first 43, but I’d suggest if you’ve got holidays or free time, or are looking for a new series – head to the bookshop or your library and start at no. 1 and get to know the likeable and consistent characters JD Robb (Nora Roberts) has created.


Book review: Obsession in Death by JD Robb

Saturday, February 7, 2015 Permalink

Obsession in Death  is JD Robb’s 40th Eve Dallas / Roarke novel. Robb’s first book in this series, Naked in Death,  was released in 1995*, which averages out at two books a year. Impressive for any author, but more so for one who has a day job! 😉

I love this series. They’re one of my comfort reads. I own a heap (though probably not even half!) and have read most more than once.