Book review: Mine by Susi Fox

Friday, May 4, 2018 Permalink

Babies getting accidentally switched at birth is the stuff of parental nightmares. And I understand (and certainly we’re told by medical staff featured in this book) that the likelihood of it happening nowadays is basically negligible. Almost non-existent. Nigh on impossible.

And yet, Sasha (a doctor herself) believes that the baby with which she’s presented, after going into early labour and waking groggy from surgery, is not her child.

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Author Q & A: The Traitor’s Girl by Christine Wells

Thursday, May 25, 2017 Permalink

I usually shy away from historical fiction, although have made a few exceptions in recent times. I also find that I can cope with novels unfolding in two timeframes, commonly adopted in Kate Morton’s books for example.

The latest novel by Brisbane-based author Christine Wells offers readers dual timelines (so, the best of both worlds – appealing to historical fiction and contemporary fiction lovers alike). It’s the first book I’ve read by Wells and I very much enjoyed her characters and the plot unfolding in the ‘now’ as well as the detail included about the work of female spies and government agencies during the second world war.

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