Dear Mum, edited by Samuel Johnson

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 Permalink

Mother’s Day is approaching here in Australia, so those with mothers and mother-like influences in their lives are busily scouring catalogues for potential gifts. Books are often a no-brainer because, well… who doesn’t like reading?! Please note that’s a rhetorical question and I remain in denial there are people out there who don’t.

Dear Mum, comprising letters by well-known Aussies is a timely release from Hachette; one I’m sure isn’t coincidental. I was worried this would be a bit sentimental for me, so I asked my own mother (who’s an avid consumer of books) to read it and offer me her thoughts. She enjoyed it and tells me there’s something for everyone.

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Book review: The Schoolgirl Strangler by Katherine Kovacic

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Permalink

I never read non-fiction, predominantly because I read to escape so I don’t actually want reality. I usually however also struggle with the structure of non-fiction books, even when events are running chronologically there’s overlap and most just don’t work (for me!).

I was keen to read The Schoolgirl Strangler by Katherine Kovacic however, because I like her writing and met her at an event in 2019. At the time she commented on coming across these cases when researching her first book, the Ned Kelly Award-nominated The Portrait of Molly Dean. So I figured I’d push myself out of my comfort zone to kick off 2021.

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first, we make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson

Monday, April 27, 2020 Permalink

I’ve mentioned it a zillion times so you may be aware I don’t read non-fiction. I had heard however, a lot of good things about first, we make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson. And given everything happening at the moment, it seemed like a good time to dive into the beast-infested waters.

Wilson is of course known best for her I Quit Sugar initiative, program and books. For some reason I’d thought she’d separated herself from that movement but it’s mentioned a bit here. Although this book was first released in 2017.

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Books for Christmas

Sunday, December 2, 2018 Permalink

I don’t tend to give books as gifts but that’s only because I worry the recipient will think it’s one I got for free! However… they’re ideal presents and this time of year non-fiction books (including memoirs, cookbooks, self-help books) are out in force because they are – indeed – excellent gift ideas!

I’m not hugely into non-fiction. My eyes glaze over at the idea of someone’s memoir – no matter how interesting their life might be, or how inspiring they are. But two hardcover books have arrived (at casa Debbish) recently that I think would make excellent gifts.

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Book review: Small House Living Australia by Catherine Foster

Monday, October 30, 2017 Permalink

Anyone who follows my social media accounts (or reads the non-bookish posts on my blog) will know my journey down the tiny house-loving slippery slope began with an innocent little #vanlife instagram obsession. I poured over picture after picture of campervans, minibuses, RVs, ‘skoolies’ and so forth – renovated into something sleek and sophisticated or bohemian and trippy.

Of course I eventually realised my fascination was less about the idea of travelling (cos meh… plus I hate driving) than the idea of minimalist living. 

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Book review: The Art of Wellbeing by Meredith Gaston

Friday, October 27, 2017 Permalink

I’ve read an enormous* number of non-fiction books lately. Particularly for someone who doesn’t read non-fiction. Including so-called ‘self-help’ or self-improvement type books.

And I really could not go past the chance to read this release by Meredith Gaston, an illustrator and author of five other books. It looked like…. something-I-must-have. And when it arrived I was even more enamoured as it’s absolutely stunning.

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Book review: PUG – How To Be The Best You by Helen James

Saturday, October 14, 2017 Permalink

When I first saw this book, it was around the time I’d requested a children’s picture book to review with my 6yr old godson Pickle, and – as I do love a good life lesson – the title of this book, PUG – How To Be The Best You, sounded perfect.

However, this book isn’t actually about a cute dog. PUG, stands for Philosophical Universal Guidance. Yep… it’s actually a book for we grown-ups. (Ahem… yes I am including myself there.) 

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Book review: Work Strife Balance by Mia Freedman

Friday, May 5, 2017 Permalink

Regular readers of this blog will know I don’t read non-fiction. Indeed, I usually don’t touch it with a ten foot pole. However… sometimes I find myself stretching out of that comfort zone (as I’ve done recently in relation to romance and historical fiction).

And while we’re confessing to our many sins, I should add I don’t recall reading Mia Freedman’s work before. I mean, I don’t live under a rock, so I know who she is and I’ve seen her speak on TV shows and probably browsed snippets here and there. Perhaps I was still reading Dolly or read Cosmo during her editorial years. I’m not sure. But I’ve not been a regular reader of Mamamia and I hadn’t read her previous books before picking up Work Strife Balance.

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Book review: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Friday, November 11, 2016 Permalink

It’s rare that I include a re-read on the blog. Although in all honesty I’m not sure I’ve ever finished The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. A friend put me onto it in 2006/7… and I sought out a copy at the time. I started working through the exercises and could very much appreciate what they offered, but flailed at some point. And life took over. In 2010 I again pulled the cobwebbed book off the shelf. And I wrote about my plan to unlock my creativity via the post: Morning Pages and Basketball Shots.

I cannot remember what happened with that attempt. However… as regular readers would know, life has changed a lot for me in the last 4+ years and I’m probably ready to delve a little deeper and recover my creative self.

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