Book review: Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight by Janet Evanovich

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I thought I’d only missed the most recent Stephanie Plum  adventure but according to Goodreads the last I read was #25. And in the two books I’ve missed Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur has been married and widowed. Again.

Things seem to have progressed with one of Stephanie’s love interests as well. Though here, it’s not the Ranger vs Morelli dilemma we’re used to, but someone called Diesel raises his apparently handsome head. And I found myself wondering where he fits into things, though have a vague memory of him – perhaps in a different series or a standalone book?

I enjoyed meeting him again however and again the banter between Stephanie and Diesel, Stephanie and Morelli, Stephanie and Ranger, Stephanie and Lulu and almost everything that comes out of Grandmas Mazur mouth is on target.

Book review: Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight by Janet EvanovichGame On: Tempting Twenty-Eight
by Janet Evanovich
Series: Stephanie Plum #28
Published by Simon & Schuster UK
on 23/11/2021
Source: Simon & Schuster
Genres: Crime Fiction, Humour
ISBN: 1398510130
Pages: 304

When Stephanie Plum is woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of footsteps in her apartment, she wishes she didn’t keep her gun in the cookie jar in her kitchen. And when she finds out the intruder is fellow apprehension agent Diesel, six feet of hard muscle and bad attitude whom she hasn’t seen in more than two years, she still thinks the gun might come in handy.

Turns out Diesel and Stephanie are on the trail of the same fugitive: Oswald Wednesday, an international computer hacker as brilliant as he is ruthless. Stephanie may not be the most technologically savvy sleuth, but she more than makes up for that with her dogged determination, her understanding of human nature, and her willingness to do just about anything to bring a fugitive to justice.

Unsure if Diesel is her partner or her competition in this case, she’ll need to watch her back every step of the way as she sets the stage to draw Wednesday out from behind his computer and into the real world.

This novel’s a bit more focussed on the one ‘bounty’ than some others in this series. Stephanie does bring a few others in to make ends meet (amongst them a mooner and frustrated mother – not the same person I should clarify), but it’s almost all about Oswald Wednesday – who sounds like a Marvel bad-guy. Wednesday is a hacker and has information Diesel’s employer wants. And Stephanie’s after him because he skipped bail following an inexplicable break and enter charge.

This is tremendous fun as usual and Lula continues to get some fabulous lines that make me snort whatever I’m drinking through my nose.

The S&M trade isn’t as profitable as it used to be, being that the world is so depressing most people are self-inflicting these days. p 33

And after a shoot-up at a bakery…

What the heck’s wrong with people these days. You don’t go around shooting eclairs and cannoli. If you gotta shoot something, you want to at least shoot something undesirable, like something with no gluten in it. p 8

Stephanie and Morelli seem to have gotten a little more serious since I last tuned in so I probably need to catch up on what I missed.

I love Ranger and Morelli and maybe even Diesel, but there’s a comfort level with Morelli I don’t feel with anyone else. We have a long history and a lot of shared interests. When I’m with him it feels like a marriage without the paperwork and cohabitating. Even when it involves blood and fear and craziness, he has a calming effect. p 199

I read this in one delightful sitting and reminded myself that one day – when I’m retired perhaps…. I’m going to re-read all of this series ONE AFTER THE OTHER.

Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight by Janet Evanovich was published in Australia by Simon & Schuster and is now available.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. 


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