Book review: The Wrong Girl

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I talked before about the fact I don’t read ‘romance’ novels. I can cope with a bit of sweet talking and sex in my favourite mystery / crime genre, but Chick Lit is almost as far from my comfort level as I could possible reach.

Which is why it’s kinda weird that I picked up Zoe Foster’s The Wrong Girl last weekend.

I have to admit that I’m always a bit cynical when famous people (or their spouses or siblings) release books, albums and so forth as I think of all of the aspiring artists out there whose books never make it out of publishing houses’ slush piles or music agents’ in-trays.

However, as this is Foster’s 6th book and she has a range of writing experience to her credit I’m assuming she was in this game before meeting her (relatively) famous husband / Aussie comedian. Plus, she obviously has talent.

The Wrong Girl is Foster’s third novel and she seems to have the Chick Lit genre down pat as it had all of the essential elements.

There was a lot I enjoyed about this novel and it’s the quintessential easy / holiday read.

The-Wrong-Girl-High-Res-Cover.jpgLily lives with bikini model Simone in Simone’s fabulous apartment. The flip side of the arrangement is the bizarre dichotomy of her friend’s lifestyle.

Although only eating organic and vegetarian fodder and berating Lily for her fast-food habit; Simone pops uppers and downers and drinks like a fish. Her benders are as notorious as her slew of romances.

Lily produces a cooking segment on morning TV and (a few years older than Simone) is approaching 30. She’s pondering on her life and career and just over a disastrous one-night stand when hunky Jack Winters is appointed as her morning show’s resident chef.

Although (slightly-irrationally) disconcerted with him after their initial meeting, the earnest and talented Jack wins Lily over.  Unfortunately for Lily she starts to develop a crush on Jack, only to discover he’s already met the equally-stunning Simone and the pair are dating.

The Wrong Girl is a coming of age story of sorts… in a world where we have more freedom, and more opportunities to consider what we want to do with our lives, before settling down.

Simone’s behaviour, Jack’s ‘rejection’, a festering career and turning 30 are all catalysts for Lily to make some tough decisions about the direction of her life.

I felt there were some parts of the novel which were a little self-indulgent – but realise that’s a writer’s prerogative. They get to play out fantasies and decide what fate holds for our characters. It may have also been the characters lacking in maturity rather than the writing.

However, this book sucked me in and I read it in a sitting on a Saturday night (the banality of my life leaves Lily’s in its wake!).

The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster, published by Penguin Australia is currently available at all of the usual places.

I received a copy of the novel at a recent blogging forum.

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